I am not the only girl at London escorts with a Sugar Daddy

Having a Sugar Daddy is quickly becoming very popular in London, and a few of the girls at the London escorts service that I work for, do have their own Sugar Daddies. Most girls presume that Sugar Daddies are all rich but that is not true. A couple of the girls have got Sugar Daddies who don’t contribute a lot their lives, but they enjoy dating them as they have a lot of fun together. It sounds a bit heartless, but what is the point in having a Sugar Daddy if he is not rich. I have been on the scene as a Sugar Babe in London for a few years now, and I have learned that you really need to be valued for your time. It is no point in dating someone if they are only going to give you 20 quid an hour and pay for your meal. That money is not going to get you very far in London, and you may as well spend your time working at London escorts where you will make more money. My Sugar Daddy has benefited me in many ways. Yes, I have to say that he is rich and when I go out with him, he does pay me for my time. It is a totally different relationship when you look at it from a London escorts point of view. He loves taking me out to dinner, and most of the time it is on business purposes. A business partner of his may be in town for the weekend, and he wants some company over dinner. I love it and we have a lot of fun at the same time. I have had a lot of help from my Sugar Daddy. First of all he always buys me a nice outfit when we go out for dinner. I am sure that most Sugar Daddies are very generous to their girls, but when my car gave up the ghost, he immediately bought me a new car. It was a complete surprise, and when I came home from my shift with London escorts, he had posted the keys through my letter box and just left me a little note. It was such a kind thing to do. When he travels abroad, he always come back with something, and when he is only away for the weekend, he makes sure that I can come with him. He is fully aware that I work for London escorts, and it does not worry him. As a matter of fact, he used date escorts in London, but he wanted a more permanent relationship with someone and he put his details up on a Sugar Daddy site. I was just browsing the site for fun when I came across but I did really like the sound of him, and before I knew it, I was his Sugar Babe. And no before you say anything, it is not a cold hearted relationship.

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