My Straight and Not So Straight Boyfriends

Every so often, I like to have some time off and go back to visit my friends. Before I worked for London escorts, I lived in this small village near Bristol. I am really busy working for London escorts, so I don’t get the chance to go home so often, but when I do, I do like going home to see my friends. When you are not part of someone’s everyday life, things seem to change so much. 

For instance, my old boyfriend turned out to be gay. When I first found out, I was really shocked. I have dated a lot of men since I started to work for London escorts and I have got to be really good at spotting the guys ones. Yes, it is true, some men only like to date London escorts because they are gay and try to hide it. So, I am pretty in touch with gay men, and I have to admit that I would never have thought my old boyfriend would turn out to be gay

Anyway, I was really disappointed so I promised myself that I would try to change him back. When I next had a weekend off from charlotte escorts, I went back down to Bristol and spent almost all weekend with him before I had to go back to London escorts. Let me put it this way, by the end of that weekend, my ex-boyfriend was not gay anymore if you know what I mean. 

I thought that everything was okay between us. I did not really have an interest in being his permanent love interest, I am too involved with charlotte escorts to start working on my personal relationships at this stage in my life. Of course, I thought that my ex had understood that this was one-off thing, but that did not turn out to be the case. Instead, he thought that I had genuine feelings for him, and was planning to move back to Bristol.  

At this time in my life, I am way too involved with London escorts to have a boyfriend. I guess I should have told him that I only saw him as a challenge but then I don’t think that my plan would have worked. From what I understand, he is really upset that I ended up leaving him again and going back to London, But, like I have said to my family, living in Bristol is not part of my plans at this moment in time. One day in the future you may see me back in Bristol, but for now, I am happy living in London and working for London escorts. If things change, I may move back to Bristol and try to win my boyfriend back again.

Till then he will be in my heart and i will hope that he waits for me. He will be even more fantastic if he does. I feel like his love is still there waiting for me.