Sex, Relationship and all


The world is constantly changing. The way things used to be in the past is not what we see currently as everything is almost the complete opposite. Relationships used to be formed on certain tangible basis and attention was paid to every little detail before deciding who the right partner for you is. In our modern world the values of a relationship and the intimacy that comes with it has been replaced by sex. The only thing on people’s mind is sexual affairs and everything else comes second. Things like celibacy, sex after marriage, faithfulness and everything that made sex something divine are a thing of the past. We pay more attention to physical attraction rather than other personal values and traits in a person. This has led to everyone being so materialistic by emphasizing everything on good sex according to Victoria Escorts from

There is nothing wrong with sex; last least thats the opinions of many sexy girls on from models to women on Victoria Escorts. It is one of the best feelings you can experience. In fact, human beings are one of the very few species that have sex for pleasure rather than for pro creation only. However, the perception people had on sex in the past is nothing close to what the perception is nowadays. We have young people engaging in sexual activities at a very tender age leading to numerous cases of teenage pregnancies. The society does not seem to see any problem with this, but we have embraced teen pregnancy to the level of having reality TV series about it. Children are discovering sex at an age which people in the past considered it a taboo.

The young people are not the only culprits here. There are many cases of adultery among married people. Surprisingly, some married couples are aware of the adventures of their spouses and they are okay with it. You will run out of fingers counting the number of strip clubs, sex clubs and brothels in every city. Young people and the old meet in these venues to buy and sell sex in broad daylight. Prostitution has been embraced as it is even legal in some countries. All this goes to show how sex has been commercialized and made such a casual thing.

Moreover, things that were considered taboo are nowadays normal happenings. Sex is no longer something between a man and a woman. Gays and lesbians are there in the society and there is nothing to hide about that. Same sex marriages are witnessed almost every day to an extent that some states have legalized these marriages. A sexual taboo like incest was unheard of in the past. Brothers are having sex with their sisters, mothers with their sons and fathers with their daughters; whichever the combination. This is not fiction. These cases are all over in the news and these people come forward and own their actions. The cases of in laws sleeping together are also another frequent thing reported.

Who are we to judge anyway? It is a free world and everyone can do whatever pleases the mind, body and soul. The bottom line is, sex is no longer viewed the same way today as it was in the past and everyone has to deal with this fact.


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