Belmont Park Escorts on fast food Restaurants

Are there too many fast food restaurants in London? The government keeps complaining about the obesity crisis in London and there are certainly a lot of very overweight Londoners around. Despite all of the health advice being handed out, nothing much seems to be changing and it is kind of upsetting. One thing is for sure, ever since I have been living in Belmont Park, and working for Belmont Park escorts from, I have seen more and more fast food outlets being opened.

Should we tackle the London obesity crisis differently? I keep thinking that it is time for the local authorities to act. They are quick enough to clamp down on services such as Belmont Park escorts but they are not very quick to do anything about the fast food restaurants. Could it be that we need to take a different approach. At the end of the day, someone has to give you a license to open a restaurant. Maybe we should clamp down on the licenses for fast food restaurants.

I don’t struggle with obesity, but I have several friends here in Belmont Park who really do struggle. For most of them it is easier to go and buy a fast food meal that it is to cook dinner at home. There are simply too many outlets here in Belmont Park to make it easy for you. You have all of the big chains such as McDonalds and Burger King and then you also have the local fried chicken places. On my way home from Belmont Park escorts I do notice that all of these places are packed.

The problem with fast food restaurants is that they are rather cheap as well. You can pick up a meal in some of these restaurants for about £5 so for a lot of people it is cheaper for them to buy a meal than cooking at home. Most Londoners lead such busy life that they find it hard to spend any time in the kitchen at all. I am not saying that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen when I come home from Belmont Park escorts, but I do like cooking.

When you stop and think about it, there are many simple meals that you can prepare at home. Most of them are very healthy as well. After I finish my shift at Belmont Park escorts I like to cook a simple meal. Some people use microwaves but I use a steam. They are really easy to use and you can prepare an entire meal in a steamer. I cook rice, fish and vegetables in my steam. That way I get a light weight and healthy meal in about 30 minutes.

Walking past fast food restaurants, I have noticed that many families seem to be picking up their meals in them as well. There is no way that my mom would have done that when I was a little girl. It is actually shocking how many people who eat every day in fast food restaurants in and around London. I don’t mind eating out with the gents that I date at Belmont Park escorts, but it is has to be in nice restaurants. If you want to keep on looking good, eating fast food is not any good for you at all. To keep London healthy, Londoners really do need to change their eating habits.

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