He is was allergic to strawberries!

I have made a real fool of myself a couple of times in my life. Most recently, my boyfriend ended up being taken to hospital during se. At the time, we were playing with food and it turned out that he was extremely allergic to strawberries. Apparently they contain something that can make you have a very serious allergic reaction. I do like my food, and many of the gents that I date at London escorts, seem to appreciate the kind of cuisine that I serve up as well.

Anyway, the incident has taught me a lot. Now I am much more cautious when it comes to serving up dishes at London escorts. My boyfriend I have never seen again, and that is a real shame. But I suppose that he had rather a hard time explaining to his employer what had happened, and I was too embarrassed to visit him in the hospital. Since that day, I have been reading about food allergies, and certain things are off the menu at London escorts now.

For instance, I did not know that some people can be really allergic to oranges. It is the acid in oranges that can make you really sick. I did not have a clue about that at all, but i certainly explains why one of gents at London escorts ended up with a very nasty rash when I served up oranges a couple of months ago. He has back to see me since and London escorts, and was not aware of his food allergy. Apparently it is one of those rare ones which can affect you from the outside as well from the inside. As a matter of fact, you may experience it if you consume the oranges in a different way.

Of course than we have dairy allergies. There is nothing like a little bit of cream with dessert, but if you are intolerant towards another acid which can be found in milk products, it can also cause skin damage. I do use a lot of cream in my special recipes at London escorts, so I am going to have to be careful in the future. One of my London escorts gents was affected and it looked a lot like a skin burn. Like something he got from prostitutes. I felt really guilty but let’s say that we both learned something that day. You have to be really careful with whipped cream and many other dairy products as well such as soft cheese.

I love preparing special dishes for my gents at London escorts, but I am careful now. My gents laugh at me when I ask them if they have any food allergies, but it is a serious question. I don’t want any gent to end up in hospital if I can help. Of course, you never know but I think that it is better to come down on the side of caution. Dating London escorts should not cause you to end up hospital or with a nasty rash to show your doctor. If you think that you have a food allergy it is always best to tell the girl that you are meeting up with so that she knows what delicacies to serve up on your date.

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