I am mad for London escorts

I am going to come straight from the shoulder to you – I have dated escorts all over the world but London escorts are extraordinary. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would meet girls the London escorts of https://escortsinlondon.sx that I have met in the last couple of months.

the beauty of london escor babes


Before I lived in London, I used to live in Dubai and date escorts there but they are a bit stuck up. I decided to move back to the UK after my parents started to get a bit older, and I needed to look after them. So far, I have never been in a fixed relationship and always dated escorts but I must admit that London escorts are special. To be honest, I didn’t realize how much I missed English girls and a lot of the London escorts are English. It makes such as change, and I think it is a better match for me.


After a couple of months of dating, I have discovered that I do have a couple of favorite London escorts that I like to spend time with. You can say that I have become a very good regular date of Trixie and Anabel.




Trixie is a 22 year old vivacious blonde with legs all the way up to her ass, and the most amazing boobs. I am 45 years old and you can say that it feels like my Trixie keeps me young. She is great fun to be with, and she has the most amazing hands and touch. To be honest, I don’t think there is anything that my Trixie wouldn’t do for me, and we have the most amazing times together.


Like all 22 year olds she can be a bit naughty but that is just Trixie for you. As far she is concerned naughty is nice, and I must admit there are times I can’t get enough of her naughty little tricks.


Trixie is also a great masseuse, and after a long hard day at work, I love relaxing in her capable hands. I work in the financial district of London, so when I come home I just like to take my head “out of gear” so to speak. Fortunately, so does my little Trixie.




Anabel is that sort of lady you can take out on town. She is probably one of the more sophisticated London escorts, and we have fun of a different kind together. She is not so full on as Trixie, and she likes to take her time with me.


I have a jacuzzi on my terrace, and I just love sitting in the jacuzzi with Annabell sipping wine. She is more my age, and just like me she has never married, We always have a lot to talk about, and I admire her forthrightness. She is a girl who tells you how it is, and that is that. I would actually like our relationship to turn into a more personal one, but we will see how things go.


The girls here in London are lovely, and you really need to come down and meet them all. Just watch out for my Trixie!

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