Help, I have a thing about men in wigs

My friends at London escorts think that I have a really weird fetish. I have this thing about men in wigs. It first started when I dated this QC at London escorts. One day, I saw a photo of him in his wig, and it turned me on like mad. Since then, I have been asking all of my boyfriend to wear wigs. Some of them think that I am totally nuts but many of them do take in in their stride and put a wig on.

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My dates at London escorts mainly laugh at my fetish. Of course, I don’t ask them to wear a wig. But, if you have a job which means that you may have to wear a wig at work, I am more than happy to look after you. If you on occasion bring your wig with you to my boudoir, I will get super excited and probably want to take a photo of you and your wig. Yes, I have my own little fetish album that I do not show to anybody else at all.

Wigs are kind of interesting, and the reasons why some professions wear wigs are neat. I love collecting wigs as well, but of course I am not into any of the modern wigs. All of the wigs that I have collected so far have been the classical wigs or antique ones. I have this cupboard at home for my wigs, and if you are interested, I am more than happy to show them to you. Sometimes, if I am really lucky, one of my gents at London escorts give me a wig that they have worn.

Recently, I have started to collect hats as well. One of my gents from London escorts took me to an auction. I had never been to an auction before, but I had always wanted to go. It was just a general auction, but that day they auctioned a hat. I don’t know why, but I was just compelled to by the hat. It had belonged to somebody famous, but I felt that I had a connection to that the hat. The result is that I started to collect hats.

Previously I had never really understood why people collected stuff. I just thought they were storing a lot of old junk but now I can see why. They feel that they want to belong to something, and collecting is one way of doing so. Would I collect other stuff? Well, I have bought some antique furniture for my London escorts boudoir. It sort of gives it that kind of glam and sexy feeling. Lots of my gents say that I have nice taste and a feel for collecting. The thing is that I do not want to sell anything and I am worried that I am going to become a bit of a hoarder. Some people collect everything. It could be a good idea to stick to collecting hats and wigs. At least it is kind of on a theme.

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